Friday, May 2, 2008

Running PHP In The Console

When you test a small PHP script, you need run a web server, such as Apache, then open a browser to see the result. How dirty the work is! The simple method to run a PHP file is to call PHP interpretor in the console.

For Unix/Linux, the only thing you need to do is enter such line in the console:

php -f your_php_file

For Windows, the best way to run a PHP script is to call PHP interpretor from a text editor or IDE. I like SciTE, a powerful text editor for programming. Open from options menu, then add these lines in the bottom:

command.go.$(file.patterns.php)=$(PHP_Bin)\php.exe -f "$(FileNameExt)"
command.compile.$(file.patterns.php)=$(PHP_Bin)\php.exe -l "$(FileNameExt)"

"PHP_Bin" specifies where the PHP interpretor is. After doing that, when you open a PHP file next time, you can run it in SciTE just select "Tools" -> "Go" or press F5. If you select "Tools" -> "Compile" or press Ctrl+F7, PHP interpretor doesn't run the script but check syntax instead.