Sunday, May 25, 2008

Get Traffic to My Blog

Traffic is the life of a website or a blog. I have been thinking of how to get more traffic to my blog these days. I don't like many people's advice, such as submitting my blog to many directory sites or sending lots of links to forums and so on. I'm not good at it. Since I like programming and I am good at web programming or software. Why could I use my advantages to reach the goal? Just now I found an e-book called 77 Ways to Get Traffic. I think some ideas are so good.
  • Join Wikipedia. Wikipedia is a very successful website and it has much traffic. Especially, anyone can edit it. Althought Wikipedia don't allow anyone to submit spam likes. Fortunately my blog and articles are related to some wikipedia items, I can add the links into the "external links" section. But be careful, don't add spam links.
  • Develop some software. I can make some shareware and freeware and I can add my site link to the software. I believe, by this way, more and more people will know me.
  • Make some playful plugins or gadgets. This method is similar to the above one. But plugins or gadgets are much easier to develop. For example, I can make some WordPress plugins and Google gadgets. I think this is a wonderful thing because I like programming and the more people use my software, the more I am excited.
  • Contribute to some professional websites. Many technology websites accept users' contribution, for example, CodeGuru and CodeProject. I think it is acceptable that put my website's link in the end of my article.
  • Submit some posts to the shareing website, such as Digg or I have used it for nearly a month. But unfortunately, the effect doesn't seem good. I think it is more suitable for the websites who have much traffic already.
Certainly, the most is the contents. If you want to build a meaningful website, original and useful contents are most important. Don't think about "garbage sites", whose all contents are copied from other sites. I hate them and I think Google hates them, too.


Chimbles said...

Good tips... thanks
BTW your delicious link references wrong site.


Akram said...

Yeah good tips...
Anyways, Digg is the better way to get traffic. Try making some friends with same interest. And now guess what...I'm adding you to my blogroll.
Thank You.