Friday, May 9, 2008

Make Money?

I have been browsing DigitalPoint Forums these days. Many people are making money with their websites or blogs. So I'm considering whether I can make some money with this blog.

I've been using Google Adsense, but the effect is not good. Last year I started Adsense but now my account has only $2.16. What a pity! Of course that blog is written in Chinese. Most people think that English content may bring better ads. Last year I planned to write English but I'm afraid my English level. Now I know, no matter how much I will earn, I will be successful, because I can improve my language level and share my experience all over the world.

I registered LinkWorth for my Chinese blog last day. LinkWorth is similar to Text Link Ads and it supports paid reviews and text link ads, etc. Besides, LinkWorth is more appropriate for small blogs. If your site's traffic is small, you should try LinkWorth probably. But I regret that there are few Chinese ads. It doesn't matter, I think. By the way, LinkWorth provides a tool which can evaluate your site's value. I tried it for my Chinese blog. Surprisingly, it told me a link ads on my homepage values $50 - $60. I don't know how it works. Maybe it's just a joke?

PS: If you want to try LinkWorth, please use this link to register and enter 12368 in referral id. So when you earn $100 I will get $50. Thank you.

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