Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Why Do You Use Linux?

My last post was submitted to here and received many comments. Because I didn't introduce myself clearly, some people misunderstand me. I think I am not a linux beginner and I have tried some distros such as Fedora, Debian, Gentoo for more than 3 years... I found that many people ignore an important question: why do you use it (linux)?

Don't say freedom and open source. I don't think source code is useful for normal users. Linux, of cource, is simply one kind of operation systems. I choose it only because it can work well. Why do people use computer? People need its help. Why the "Linux supporters" intend to explore Linux itself, not to how to use it to finish our work more effectively?

I've seen some people who have play with Linux for several years. But to my surprise, they don't know how to use Linux to finish their work. Linux is just an advanced toy. They often install some new distributions and compare them. They spend too much time on something unuseful, such as 3D-desktop, window animation... If you like Linux only because of these, Linux is just a toy for you.

Linux is just an OS, software. From a programmer's perspective, it's just a collection of programs, binary code ... It isn't special. But Linux has many distributions. Choosing one to start isn't an easy work. But the same thing: they are Linux! I think the most thing for a person who is working with Linux is to learn Linux/Unix commands. If he can use command line to solve most problems, many Linux distributions is "same" for him. But the goal is: finishing his work better.

If you are using Linux or plan to go to Linux world, think over this question: why do you use Linux?


Grus i Salaten said...

Open source = Free applications
It is blazingly fast
More control over your own system
Secure, few viruses

Linux is just great.

Anonymous said...

I wrote my reasons here:


Thomas Jespersen said...

I use Linux for these reasons:

1. The Applications. The limited needs I have is better covered in Linux in my opinion. Often I have to pay for similar applications on Windows. While I don't mind paying for good applications I see no reason to when free Linux apps got me covered.

2. Security. Nice not having to run various malaware scanners daily to weed out viruses and Spyware.

3. Useability. I find the Linux desktop more intuitive, simple as that!

I do actually have a copy of Microsoft Vista Home Premium, but I never use it anymore. Sadly its an OEM licensed version bound to my hardware, so I can't even give it away to some relative or friend.