Monday, July 28, 2008

Ubuntu Linux is Much Better than Windows

I have worked with Ubuntu Linux for about 2 months and find that Ubuntu is much better than Windows. My computer is Thinkpad T43 laptop. The reasons that Ubuntu is better are:

Wireless network supported. My laptop's wireless network card is Intel PRO/Wireless 2200BG. After booting from Ubuntu live CD, the wireless network is usable. Even you can install Ubuntu and surf the Internet at the same time. However, Windows XP doesn't support the wireless network adapter. So I have to download the driver from other computer and copy it to my laptop. Obviously, it is dirty work.

No need to look for software all over the world. Ubuntu, or any Debian-based Linux distribution, uses APT to manager the software packages. If you need to install some software, for example, apache2, you don't have to look for a download site but just execute "sudo apt-get install apache2". Ubuntu will download all necessary packages from its repositories. Installation and configuration are done by APT, the software package manager. If you don't know the package's name you want, you can use Synaptic Package Manager to find one. It is a GUI front-end of APT.

Perfect Chinese supported. Ubuntu 8.04 give me more beautiful Chinese fonts than 7.10. After installation, go to "System -> Administration -> Language Support" and check the Chinese option and the "Enable support to enter complex characters" option. Then you will get some Chinese fonts and input methods. It is extremely easy.

Anti-virus software is no need. When I used Windows, I have to install an anti-virus tool after installation. However, I think it isn't necessary for Linux. The viruses on Linux are much fewer than those on Windows. Since I don't install anti-virus software, my computer runs faster.

More useful softwares. After installation you can get many useful softwares. OpenOffice, GIMP, Pidgin... you can work immediately. However, on Windows, you have to install MS Office, GTalk or MSN Messenger... after Windows installation. Some people may not like so, they prefer to controlling their computer completely, so they don't like these softwares Ubuntu provides. No problem, just use "Applications -> Add/Remove..." to remove those you don't like.

Free and easy to use. Almost all the Linux distributions are free to use. Most softwares for Linux are also free. It makes people who are using Linux save lots of money. Besides, I think Ubuntu is easier to use than other Linux distributions, even Windows! No cost doesn't mean low-quality.


Anonymous said...

Linux is just better. Linux is not Ubuntu. Ubuntu is just one of many distros, and there is a plethora of them out there. New Linux users might also check out Mandriva, Suse, and PCLinuxOS as well as many others out there that are also very good. Don't limit yourself...

Brendon said...

"Wireless network supported".
Its not a suprise. Ubuntu comes with hundreds of drivers built in, while windows xp was released 7 years ago, which is before your laptop was made....what do you expect? Just go to the manufacturers site and get the driver. For me, I have a laptop with an atheros card which is supposedly 'supported' . Apparently 'supported' isn't equal to 'functional' to the ubuntu devs. Since the card doesnt work properly out of the box, I have to go to linuxwireless to get it working.

" No need to look for software all over the world"

You act as if every package is in the repo's. There all a lot of things that I need that aren't there (games, virtualbox, vmware, limewire, opera). So I still end up having to 'look for software all over the world.'

"Perfect Chinese Supported" does Windows

"More useful software"
Thats completely an opinion. I dont like having to uninstall tons of stuff that I replace with other software(ekiga, evolution, fspot, rhythmbox,pidgin) For me, I can't work immediately because I have to get rid of those and install thunderbird, digikam, banshee, and kopete.

"Free and easy to use"
Easy to use for whom? What about the beginner who installs ubuntu and their wireless card isnt working? Is that 'easy to use' ?

You're right...low cost does not mean low quality. But low cost does mean lower quality. The professional audio, image, and video editing apps on linux are FAR inferior to the proprietary counterparts (for example, adobe premier, final cut pro, adobe photoshop)

The title of your post should be "Ubuntu Linux is Much Better than Windows, for Me"

Anonymous said...

Exactly how many times do you have to boot and reinstall? WTF does it matter that a 7 year old OS disk doesn't support your newer hardware. Sheesh grow up.