Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Working as A Webmaster

My database teacher bought web hosting today. I have uploaded all the files and set the database so that it has started to work. The site consists of a main body and a forum. I found there are lots of things to do, much are dirty work. So I'm considering about how to reduce my tiredness...

I'm the webmaster. My work is to maintain the website and the forum. Maybe sometimes I have to modify the program of the website. Luckily it is written in PHP. Last night he asked me how much do you want, I answerd: 2^8. Surprisedly he opened his mouth. Then quickly laughed. 256 yuan (RMB) per month is acceptable. I think it is the value of my work, also.

I plan to use the money which I'll earn to build my real website. I hope that my dream will come true. I need a web space.

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