Saturday, April 26, 2008 or WordPress?

I am considering that which is better, or WordPress? Here, "WordPress" doesn't mean, it is the program. In fact, I think that WordPress is the best program for blogging. Besides, is the best BSP. There are lots of plugins for WordPress, so I can extend functions of WordPress easily. Also, maybe I can write some plugin for WordPress to accomplish my goal.

The only bad thing about WordPress is that there are few good free WordPress hosting websites. Almost all WordPress BSPs doesn't support uploading your own plugins. I like WordPress just because of lots of plugins. Otherwise, doesn't put your advertisements such as Google Adsense. But even encourages to use Google Adsense.

Does Google like I found Google robot visits this blog after a few hours when I publish the first post. That's very soon. Probably, articles on are found more easily than those on other BSPs.

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