Sunday, August 17, 2008

Is a Domain Name Important?

One of my friends bought some domain names. He said that owning a domain was very important. One of his domain names is and he made a Chinese weblog on However, I couldn't understand how important a proper domain name is and why he was so interested in it. I think domain names are just used to make up URLs. Many people don't want to try to remember your domain name. I think they like bookmarks or Google better. For me, if I want to find something, Google is enough. If I find a good website, I will add it to my bookmarks. So I seldom remember a website's domain name.

Some people advised me to buy a domain name for this blog. But I don't know what and how much a domain name can give me. I mean, owning a domain name, not web space. Traffic, pagerank, or Adsense don't seem to have to do with a domain name. Therefore, I still use this sub domain of

Is it really important that owning a domain name? Or if you think it would be better to buy a domain name for this blog, what domains names are the best? Thank you for leaving your comments.


Patrick said...

First of all, you have "Java" as a topic on your blog, so if you are into programming, a domain name (preferably a short one) is a thing to have. Also domains cost money and by demonstrating that you are willing to invest instead of riding on freebies, you are gaining respectability. The next advantage is email. Want to sign up with some service, you do not feel like sharing your email address with? If you have your own domain, you can usually easily setup emailaliases. If you are getting flooded with spam, simply disable the alias in question. Last but not least: With your own domain, you are free to move, if issues arise with your current hosting company. With your blog, you are bound and would have to start all over.

So, yes there are tons of good reasons, to get an own domain.

redheadking said...

Domain names secure your image online. If you want to create an marketing name for what your website does for your users, you need to secure you image.

You can get a nonsensical name and promote it to establish your image, or you can simply pay a few hundred dollars, and buy a nice memorable domain phrase in the domain aftermarket that explains what you're about.

You are wrong when you say "googling" or bookmarking a website is good enough to remember a website. You have to also understand the power of the website's "identity" and "image". I run my blog with, it makes a statement, and I'm not limited to being a "sub-domain" image --- which in professional terms usually is a deathknell for anyone trying move their products or services ahead.

If you read, you can get a great idea of how a domain name is "starting point" for any legitimate effort for building your website.

Good question and good post. Thanks for allowing answers.

Anonymous said...

Seeing your programmingnote i also want to buy a domain name.but i am only a website root...what i want is a host that constant running,better povide me a root accont.HELP bobo
PS:I'm auxten

Babita Choudhary said...

how to get google ad sense email id