Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Adsense, Adsense...

More than twenty days have gone since August 1st. I am very glad that the Adsense in this blog give me more than $5. Although it is not much, it is the best result since I used Adsense. Adsense gave me dreams before, now I hope the dreams will come true.

Up to now, I have got 12 clicks from this blog in August. A strange thing is that all the clicks are from the right sidebar instead of the big rectangle below every article. I thought the big rectangle would give me more income. But it seems that I was wrong.

I know to get more income, I should to get more traffic. I think the value of a blog not only depends on its traffic but also its contents. Providing useful information is the most important thing. So I should put my heart into writing better contents. Several days ago I posted a thread on DigitalPoint that said I wanted to earn $10/month with Adsense. I believe it is not just a dream any more.

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