Saturday, June 7, 2008

Switching to Linux

I have been playing with Linux these days. Windows has gone. Although I met Linux about 5 years ago, I also used Windows at the same time. But Windows became slower and slower and there are too many viruses. Several days ago I can't bear the speed of Windows, so I decided to remove Windows and install Linux. I won't want to return the Windows world.

There are too many Linux distributions to choose. I think Gentoo Linux is the best one. Because its software package management is very elegant. It is a distribution based on source code. i.e. all the software is built from source code. So it is very suitable for programming. But it is hard to install. At last I choose Ubuntu, a desktop Linux distribution. Its installation is very easy and after 1 hour I got a whole operating system.

There are many interesting things in Linux. I will write something about it in the future.

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